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Predictable - A text based AAC app

New Predictable 4.1.2 available since 3.08.2015!

Predictable English
Predictable - app - icon CE Certified Predictable 4

Predictable is a text based AAC app

Designed to give a voice to someone who is unable to use their own. The app is most useful for people who have good cognitive abilities but have lost the ability to speak due to a variety of reasons such as Motor Neurone Disease, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, a head injury or a stroke

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Loquendo upgraded to Nuance in Predictable 4.1

Loquendo, the company who created the voices in earlier versions of Predictable was acquired by Nuance. Due to this change, some of the original Loquendo voices in the app are now improved voices under the Nuance brand while other ones have been discontinued.

ModelTalker Voice banking

Predictable is the first iOS application in the world to contain ModelTalker voices, which allow a user to create their own synthetic voice – for free – with their own accent, pitch and cadence! You can use model talker to bank your own voice, or have a friend or relative give their voice for you to use; model talker voices let you sound like yourself again.
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Predictable - ModelTalker Voice banking
Predictable - High quality voices

High quality voices

You can choose between 23 Nuance and Loquendo high quality voices with accents: American, British, Australian, Irish, Scottish, South African.

Word Prediction

Sophisticated word prediction engine learns your vocabulary and predicts words for you. The prediction is influenced by user pattern and will learn new words entered and the context in which these words are used.

Predictable - Word Prediction
Predictable - Switch Access with iOS Compatibility

Switch Access with iOS Compatibility

For those who have physical impairments, switch access makes it possible to communicate using Predictable without touching the screen. You can use one or two switches to control the scanning and change the scanning features as scanning rate or number of cycles.

Social Media, Email, Skype

Any messages created with Predictable can be sent as an email directly from the app. You can also update your Facebook, send a tweet or make Skype calls!

Predictable - Social Media


Medical App Award

Medical App Award 2016

Predictable 4.1

Predictable 4.1 English User Guide

Predictable 4

Predictable 4

Predictable 4 - New Features

Predictable 4 - New Features

Pairing Therapy Box Switch Box to iDevice

Pairing Therapy Box Switch Box to iDevice

A guide to iOS7 Switch Access

iOS7 Switch Access


Predictable is extremely user friendly with a clear, easily negotiated screen layout. Frequently used phrases can be stored making communication quicker and it can be easily "fine tuned" to suit individual preferences. Being able to use your own voice created by Modeltalker is a huge plus.



I have trialed this app with several people with physical challenges and would like to provide the following feedback:

  • Clean, visually simple layout – seems easier to visually access for many individuals compared with the iPad keyboard
  • Good variety of options to save messages such as favourites, phrases etc. which can be easily customized. Ideal for people who mainly use text to speech but want to save a limited number of messages.
  • Very simple interface to use, including the settings
  • Writing pad is a nice option for individuals with some preserved handwriting ability giving them 2 options for text input depending on situation, energy levels etc.
  • Good clear voice quality
  • Easy to use switch access

Speech-Language Pathologist, Toronto

Wow, the handwriting feature is wonderful for those who have fine motor skills but are apraxic etc. - I have been testing Predictable out and really love this feature- I can't wait until the loan iPad comes back for me to download Predictable on to it. My own 9 year old son has high functioning autism and has fine motor- he struggles with handwriting, and also breaks down verbally when frustrated/ in melt down mode- I am going to introduce this app to the special education team- I am going to see if he can use this app and primarily use the word prediction, while strengthening his fine motor skills via the handwriting feature occasionally. He can write fairly legibly, it is just very tiresome- to have the option of both text to speech and handwriting to speech is very flexible. (Will it remember my son's strange letter formations over time and get better at predicting?) Will keep exploring Predictable, I just wanted to share my initial thoughts. I love the easy to access "Emote" feature for adding expression to a comment- another very unique feature. Another huge plus- the adjustable font size. Facebook and Twitter integration- wow! I have had people asking me which apps provide this integration, lovely for the tween & adult crowd. The ability to have picture support is much appreciated also. Thanks again, a very valuable addition to both my family and the Loan Library program..

Amy Vinson Taylor

SASK Loan Device Library in San Diego

We are using this app with a Hearing-Impaired Student and they are already making progress and are able to better communicate with peers and adults.This is a great app for individuals with disabilities who need communication support. The emoticons are especially hilarious, and they allow the user to inject humor into synthesized speech. The interface is very easy to use and the word prediction is excellent. Thank you for offering us this product that will change the life of our student.

Karen Parris

The Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Georgia

The iPad has become a viable force in the world of AAC devices. It’s versatility lends itself to satisfying many communication needs to users of a variety of levels. I often recommend the TBox apps, “Predictable” and “Scene&Heard” as viable components to a comprehensive communication system. “Predictable” provides an easy to use text-based system with excellent word/grammar prediction. “Scene&Heard” supports the client in using photo journaling to set context. Families are up and running quickly, and are reporting great satisfaction with these apps.

Laurel Buell

Assistive Technology Specialist in Phoenix, AZ