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Scene & Heard - Scene & Heard is a scene based AAC app

Scene & Heard

Scene & Heard is a scene based AAC app

Designed to give practitioners, teachers, parents and carers a quick and easy way to create scenes and stories full of multimedia content, such as audio or video clips, recorded directly into the app with the iDevice!

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Create and Link Scenes

Using the app, you can create and link scenes to construct a sequence of events, support narrative, show how to complete a task or to demonstrate a cause and effect.

Scene & Heard - Create and Link Scenes
Scene & Heard - Communication Books

Communication Books

Build your own communication book that is tailored to an individual AAC speaker’s needs! Now you can use pages from Scene & Heard as part of a printed communication book. Simply choose a cover photo and the scenes you want to include and the app will build in into a communication book which can be printed using Apple’s air print feature. You can also save it to your Dropbox or iTunes, or share it via email, Facebook and Twitter.


An all new task prompting feature was introduced, so you can now create pages giving clear step by step instructions for any task! Use video clips or audio to explain each step, and once complete, the app will move onto the next hotspot. A step-timer has also been built in for actions (such as brushing teeth) that need to be undertaken for a set length of time.

Scene & Heard - Tasks
Scene & Heard - Switch Access

Switch Access

For those who have physical impairments, switch access makes it possible to communicate using Scene & Heard without touching the screen

Visual Timetable

Schedule a task using the new visual schedule display. Set a page to appear at a given time, and the app will not only provide a notification when the scene is due to appear: it will also put it into a smart, easy to read calendar, so that you know what’s happening and when.

Scene & Heard - Visual Timetable


Introduction to Scene & Heard

Introduction to Scene & Heard

Scene & Heard - Adding Videos

Scene & Heard - Adding Videos

Pairing Therapy Box Switch Box to iDevice

Pairing Therapy Box Switch Box to iDevice

Scene Sharing
Scene Sharing

We want to provide you with the resources you need to use interesting and fun learning tools. Our Scene Sharing feature allows you to download any of our premade scenes onto your iPads for personal use. The scenes are in a range of categories, from promoting independent decision making, describing, explaining and differentiation.


Social Story - Going to the dentist 6

Social story - going to the dentist

6. Getting a sticker


Social Story - Going to the dentist 5

 Social story - going to the dentist

5. The dentist's tools


Social Story - Going to the dentist 4

 Social story - going to the dentist

4. The dentist


Social Story - Going to the dentist 3

 Social story - going to the dentist

3. The dentist surgery


Social Story - Going to the dentist 2

 Social story - going to the dentist

2. Waiting room


Social Story - Going to the dentist 1

 Going to the dentist social story
1. Reception


London Underground

Out and about in London Underground - how to get around in the Underground station.


My garden

 As the spring is coming - learn what is needed to be done in your garden.


Meeting Santa

We're feeling festive so we've made a scene about Meeting Santa! A great communication tool for kids who are learning about Christmas and want to meet Santa! With auditory feedback and symbols.


Nativity Scene

 Learn all about the Nativity in this Christmassy scene! With auditory feedback. 


Going to Starbucks

 This scene is all about going to Starbucks and ordering a drink. It provides contextual support for communication and gives auditory feedback. Use the scene to communicate or as a prompt for how to order a drink. 


Winter Weather Warning!

 Winter Weather Scene: A warning about the winter weather conditions! With symbols and auditory feedback. 


Rate your Activity

This scene encourages users to give feedback on an activity they are doing. By pressing on the hotspot, they will receive auditory feedback confirming their choice. Why use paper based AAC resources when you can use the iPad!


Wake up Reminder Scene!

Use this Scene as a reminder for those who need a bit of encouragement to get out of bed in the mornings! Just use the reminder tool on the app to schedule the scene to pop up on your iPad.  Includes alarm sound effects, and symbol support for communication.  


Fireworks Scene!

 It's Bonfire Night tonight! Check out this fireworks scene, with fireworks sound effects and symbols for a fun communication scene!


Writing a Story in the Classroom

"Everybody Writes Day" provided teachers with innovative ideas and practical resources to help them run projects to get children in schools excited about writing.  We have created a scene to download with Scene & Heard which can be used in the classroom to encourage kids to write their own stories. Includes auditory feedback and symbols. 


Global Handwashing Day!

 It's Global Handwashing Day this week! Use this scene to demonstrate how to wash your hands, with images from the NHS and auditory feedback. 


Children's Book Week: What's your favourite book?

What's your favourite book? Children's Book Week is an annual celebration of reading for children which has been running for the past 80 years. This scene could be used by a child who wants to talk to their friends about their favourite book, with audio and hotspots. 


Reminiscene Tool

To celebrate International Day of Older Person’s this week, we’ve created a scene using Scene & Heard which could be used as a reminiscence tool. Providing an image that a user is familiar with can help to encourage discussion. Download the scene for free here!


Ahoy Mateys!

It's National "Talk Like a Pirate Day" today! We've created a scene about pirates by recording audio directly into the iPad through Scene & Heard.


Setting a Reminder: Doing the Dishes

 This scene is about doing the dishes and inclues symbols and audio. It can be scheduled at a certain time to appear on the iPad, working as a task prompt for those who need reminding. All you need to do is select the Scene Editor, click Schedule and you are able to select the time you would like it to appear!


Olympics Scene

 To celebrate Team GB's success at the Olympics, here's a communication scene for talking about sports, with audio and symbols. 


Interactive News Scene

You can add hotspots to a news page scene to make it interactive, and encourage discussion about the news. A great way to communicate relevant information and share stories. 


A scene for communicating in Hospital

A patient in a hospital could use a scene to communicate by pressing the relevant symbols to play audio, in this example we've used calling the nurse and lunchtime. 


Reminiscence Tool

A scene can be used to remind someone of something in their past, and encourage them to talk about it. This example includes symbols and audio. 


Life Stories with Scene & Heard

Life stories can be used to share past information with others when that person cannot communicate the story themselves. This example could have been a patient in elderly care. 


A Social Story: Going to the Dentist

 A social story about going to the dentist, with audio and symbols. 


Describing and Explaining Multiple Items/Objects

 This scene encourages users to talk about all the different animals in the image. It also helps to promote differentiation between each animal by using hotspots and audio. 


Talking about Football

 A great scene to encourage talking about hobbies and interests, with a football theme.


Going to a Cafe and Selecting a Drink

Explains the steps to order a drink in a cafe, and encourages independent choice making, with audio and symbols.


Differentiation Between Seasons

 Describing the seasons and differentiating between the contrasting images.


Describing a Meal and Dinner Time

 A scene which demonstrates describing a favourite meal and talking about dinner time, with audio and symbols.


Selecting a Colour

A scene that demonstrates colour differentiation and choice making, with audio.


Catching a Train with Scene & Heard

A scene which demonstrates the process of catching a train, with audio and symbols to promote independent decision making.


At The Park

At The Park

A scene used to support narrative or conversation about a day at the park. This scene includes 3 children playing.

Scene & Heard - Reviews

Just ‘Scene and Heard’ of a fantastic new AAC app!

The more complex cases we receive each week at Smalltalk speech and language therapy, the more there is an increasing need for efficient and universal communication aids. ‘Scene and Heard’ is a fantastic app by Therapy Box, that has been created as a seamless transition between both low and high tech AAC. The diversity in speech and language difficulties we target on a daily basis including; ASD, non-verbal clients, those with reduced communication breakdowns or limited language abilities means it is vital we are able to use resources that not only universal target the range of interventions we provide, but that also bridge the prominent gap between therapy and generalisation of learnt skills to everyday life.

‘Scene and Heard’ comprises of a library of over 12000 useful Widgit Symbols, which can be effectively added with photos into personalised, printable communication books for each client. The ability to tailor these resources into visual timetables gives everyone the opportunity to independently plan their own lives. An important factor during the speech and language therapy process is supporting the child or adult to take responsibility of their own learning and daily routines, the easy-to-use features means that this AAC devise can be readily adapted by child, parent, teacher and therapist.

‘Scene and Heard’ can be used to creatively develop step by step instructions for everyday activities, using both the in-app accessible scenes or the new added feature of being able to draw a scene ensures that the designing of these tools is a flexible, fun stage of the therapy process. Each in-app scene consists of a range of interactive media ‘hotspots’ that allow personalised audio recordings, video recordings, spoken text and symbols to be inserted into the activity to provide information through multiple modes of communication; further highlighting ‘Scene and Heard’ as a universal and accessible tool for anyone.

As well as those who struggle with receptive and expressive language, we regularly work with people who also have limited narrative skills. In addition to the augmentative and alternative communication functionality of this app, I have personally found the customised scenes a very useful resource to use when creating a sequence of events. The ability to upload new photos means I can create scenarios and social stories that can be accessed by the diverse population that I work with. Many people we work with at Small Talk have some addition behaviour needs, typically as a consequence of the speech and language difficulties; Scene and heard incorporates a countdown timer into the activity to support behaviour management, easier transitions between tasks and increasing individual independence.

The all-in-one functionality of ‘Scene and Heard’ creates an AAC device that can be both low and high tech, ensuring that intervention can be continuous and seamless as progress is made. The attention to detail in the apps settings to prevent double taps, allows even those with limited fine motor skills to take full control of their learning. Further highlighting how this app is truly a universal and functional communication aid and has recently become an everyday staple in my speech and language therapy toolbox.

Natasha Hallam

Speech and Language Therapist, Small Talk SLT

I think the Scene&Heard application has been very helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have been able to take photos of my therapy room to assist these children with requesting, commenting, or engaging socially. It has been very easy to demonstrate for parents and teach others how to use. This application is very functional for the children I treat and I feel can be used across all settings and routines. It has assisted my patients with reducing communication breakdowns and frustration due to limited language skills.

Vanessa Reynolds

Children's Specialized Hospital-Hamilton, New Jersey

The iPad has become a viable force in the world of AAC devices. It’s versatility lends itself to satisfying many communication needs to users of a variety of levels. I often recommend the TBox apps, “Predictable�? and “Scene&Heard�? as viable components to a comprehensive communication system. “Predictable�? provides an easy to use text-based system with excellent word/grammar prediction. “Scene&Heard�? supports the client in using photo journaling to set context. Families are up and running quickly, and are reporting great satisfaction with these apps.

Laurel Buell

Assistive Technology Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

Scene & Heard Lite

With Scene & Heard you have the possibility to view and play one pre-created communication book, have access to 3 factory visual display scenes and 1 task prompting example. You can also try out switch access and touch anywhere access for people with motor difficulties.

Scene & Heard Lite can be used as a simple overview of the premium version of the app, offering an entry level for AAC users, or for teaching the importance of cause and effect.
In addition, Scene & Heard Lite gives you the opportunity to try the premium version of Scene & Heard for 15 day giving the access the following features:

  • Paint and draw your scene
  • Visual TimeTable
  • Custom Communication Books to share and print
  • Task Prompter for Step by Step Tasks
  • Unlock Extra Content including pre build scenes
  • Import and Export Content
  • Share your scene on Facebook or Twitter
  • Build scenes and vocabulary on the go. Take photos with your iPad, import photos from your photo library
  • Link scenes to create a sequence of events
  • Record your own voice messages for scenes or use the inbuilt text to speech voice
  • Choose and use over 12000 engaging Widgit symbols to use to support communication
  • Create hotspots (tagging an element on the scene) and allocate actions, so that the picture is truly interactive

After your premium trial period has expired you can upgrade to the full version of Scene & Heard Lite, which will unlock the premium content and features.