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A Visual Scene Display communication tool

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What is Scene & Heard?

Scene & Heard
is the multimedia scene communication tool from Therapy Box.

Scene & Heard has been designed to give practitioners, teachers, parents and carers a quick and easy way to create scenes full of multimedia content, such as audio clips and video clips, recorded directly into the app with the iDevice!

Based on the visual scene display approach to augmentative communication, the application can be used to support communication for people with developing language skills and those who benefit from context, with hotspots to click on, which then play a pre-recorded message. The scenes can also incorporate the Widgit Symbol Set which are accessible directly through the app when editing. Each symbol can be given an audio message, providing a high tech system for users!

Scene & Heard can also be used in the mainstream classroom, enabling class activities such as storyboarding and interactive story telling. Presentations can also be completed with the aid of Scene & Heard, with students photographing and annotating scenes with voice and video evidence.

Adults who need support with communication can also benefit from the scenes within Scene & Heard. Scenes may also be used for task prompting, reminding and task demonstration can be created and played back on the iDevice.

Record your own Voice
Record your own voice into the iPad for communication
Add Symbols
Communicate and present information in a clear and easy to understand way
Add Video Clips
Record video clips into the iPad to show activities

Link scenes to create a sequence of events, support narrative
Show how to complete a task, or cause and effect
Create Social Stories
Support social situations, with auditory and visual information.
Switch Accessible
For those who have physical impairments, switch access makes it possible to communicate using Scene & Heard without touching the screen
Introduction to Scene & Heard

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Pairing Therapy Box Switch Box to iDevice

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Scene&Heard - Adding Videos

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Scene Sharing

We want to provide you with the resources you need to use interesting and fun learning tools. Our Scene Sharing feature allows you to download any of our premade scenes onto your iPads for personal use. The scenes are in a range of categories, from promoting independent decision making, describing, explaining and differentiation.

To see a step by step guide to uploading a scene onto your iPad, just download the PDF guide next to any scene.

I think the Scene&Heard application has been very helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have been able to take photos of my therapy room to assist these children with requesting, commenting, or engaging socially. It has been very easy to demonstrate for parents and teach others how to use. This application is very functional for the children I treat and I feel can be used across all settings and routines. It has assisted my patients with reducing communication breakdowns and frustration due to limited language skills.
Vanessa Reynolds
Children's Specialized Hospital-Hamilton, New Jersey

The iPad has become a viable force in the world of AAC devices. It’s versatility lends itself to satisfying many communication needs to users of a variety of levels. I often recommend the TBox apps, “Predictable” and “Scene&Heard” as viable components to a comprehensive communication system. “Predictable” provides an easy to use text-based system with excellent word/grammar prediction. “Scene&Heard” supports the client in using photo journaling to set context. Families are up and running quickly, and are reporting great satisfaction with these apps.
Laurel Buell
Assistive Technology Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

The user guide and FAQs are both designed to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you are able to use Scene & Heard even more easily.

Switches on iOS7 - With iOS7 Switch Access you can use your switch to navigate through your entire iPad and change between apps without direct touch. Here's a guide to show you how. Description: http://tboxapps.com/images/download.gif
User Guide - This is a step by step guide that has EVERYTHING in the ONE guide for you to be able to get started with Scene & Heard. This can be from creating your first scene, to emailing the file/picture to a friend. Description: http://tboxapps.com/images/download.gif
Fact Sheet - Upgrading factsheet for Scene & Heard App Description: http://tboxapps.com/images/download.gif
How to create a Scene Index - Organise your scenes ina unique way! Description: http://tboxapps.com/images/download.gif

If you are a professional or blogger that would like a chance to the app, please fill in the following form which we will then review to see if you are eligible to receive a redeem code. If you are selected, dependant on the form you fill in below, we will require a review, blog, video or "sound bite" that we would then be able to publicise. We would also link to yourself and create promotion for your website and/or yourself. We would require reviews to be submitted back to us within a month from receiving the code.

Please note – there may not be a code available at the time you submit this form. If you are eligible, you will be added to a waiting list.


Key features of Scene & Heard:

  • Build scenes and vocabulary on the go.
  • Record your own voice messages for scenes to make basic requests or share stories
  • Record video files to and play them back within the created scenes
  • Link scenes to create a sequence of events, support narrative or to reinforce cause and effect concepts
  • Includes over 10000 Widgit symbols to use to support communication
  • Use a flip book or grid view to find your scenes
  • Switch accessible with the Therapy Box Switch Box or RJ Cooper switch interface
  • Use the whole screen as a switch in "touch anywhere" scanning mode.
  • CE Certified
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"We are using this app with a Hearing-Impaired Student and they are already making progress and are able to better communicate with peers and adults.This is a great app for individuals with disabilities who need communication support. The emoticons are especially hilarious, and they allow the user to inject humor into synthesized speech. The interface is very easy to use and the word prediction is excellent. Thank you for offering us this product that will change the life of our student."

Karen Parris
The Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Georgia

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