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Chatable® app for autism and aphasia

Chatable® 2.0

Chatable® is a highly customisable AAC app for iPad devices. Choose between grid pages, scenes or hybrid pages to support communication for children and adults that benefit from the use of Widgit symbols and photos. Chatable® is used around the world by people with speech and language difficulties, including autism, aphasia and cerebral palsy.

ModelTalker voice banking

Exclusive to Therapy Box®, use your own voice to communicate with Chatable® thanks to ModelTalker voice banking. Read More

high quality voices

Choose between 23 Nuance voices within the app, covering American, British, Australian, Irish, Scottish and South African accents, to name but a few!

grid scene and hybrid pages

Choose between grid pages, visual scenes and hybrid set ups in order to help the user communicate in various ways.

Switch access for physical disabilities

Use either 1 or 2 switches with the app. Adjustable scanning options let you customise the set-up for people with a range of physical needs and abilities.


Read our Chatable® FAQ for more information about the app. Can't find your answer? Click on 'Get in Touch'.

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