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Primary school classroom. A boy looks over the shoulder of a girl holding an ipad

Place your little one on a path to learning

Therapy Box is committed to breaking new ground and finding original uses for new technologies. Partnering with universities and hospitals, we aim to create innovative new products to assist in research or commercialisation of new intellectual property.


Biff, Chip and Kipper

Phonics learning apps with content from Oxford University PressTM. Use phonics spelling dictionary as a reference tool: words are ordered by their phonics sound, and words can be looked up with a voice search, so you can always find the word you’re looking for. The range includes apps based on 6 of Oxford University Press'TM popular Phonics Flashcards sets, and My Phonics Kit, which is tailored to enhance the skills required for the national year 1 phonics check in the UK.

Biff, chip and kipper characters standing and smiling above skoodal logo
small pink cartoon dinosaur buys candyfloss from larger green cartoon dinosaur

Pre-school sound and language apps

Early years education apps using proven methodologies to develop speech and reasoning skills. Dubdub is a friendly dinosaur who encourages your little learner through challenges. Minimal Pairs and Rhyming bus teach speech skills and help with reading, Odd One Out teaches semantic reading, and Phonics Keyboard teaches typing and spelling, sounding out letters as they’re typed.