Adventures of Hoppi The Frog

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Frog Game

Who’s it for?

Designed for fun loving children who could benefit from improving their speech.

What does it do?

The Frog Game is a fun way for children to improve their speech, based around the adventures of a frog who has lost his voice. Frog Game School was developed for Raddlist.


About The Client

Frog Game School was developed for Raddlist

Raddlist, based in Iceland, is an award winning provider of speech therapy and speech therapy resources, with resources available in both English and Icelandic. It was founded by Bryndis Gudmundsdottir who has won multiple awards for her work on articulation, resonance and neurological impairments.

Project Objective

Bringing the successful learning apps to iOS

Raddlist asked us to bring the successful Frog Games education app range to iOS as well as translate them from Icelandic into English. Our development team took the existing product and made changes to it so that it could be released in English on a new platform.

Project Outcome

The adventures of Hoppi the frog

The successful game features the adventures of Hoppi the frog. An evil wizard has put a spell on Hoppi and he has lost his speaking voice. The objective is to help Hoppi get his speaking voice back by finding out the secret to break the spell and taking it to the Magic Castle.

Fun Games

Improving speech while having fun

Users progress through the game to a magic castle by playing fun and interactive games with all the speech sounds, consonants and vowels.

Speech Practice

Improving speech sounds in a natural order

Students practice the English consonant speech sounds in the same order that English speaking children acquire them while learning to speak. This helps them improve their language by starting with the sounds that they are most familiar with and progressing to those that they may find most difficult. Research has shown this methodology leads to children learning phonics faster, which assists in their reading and vocabulary skills