Making Writing Easier

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Who’s it for?

Inku is designed for people who struggle with writing due to learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

What does it do?

Inku helps people write and take notes in both a education and professional setting. It has many features that speed up writing for anyone who finds it difficult. Never again will your writing include mistakes or be difficult to read.


Word Prediction

Speed up your writing with suggested words

Inku learns how you type and predicts the next word to speed up your writing. These predicted words appear in a bubble next to your text. Inku also gives you the option to listen to a words before selecting them.

Advanced Spell Checking

Never miss a mistake again!

Have you ever written a word and found that the spell checker doesn’t have any suggestions for what you’re trying to type? Inku is not like that, it is especially good at recognising difficult to interpret spelling attempts. It also considers each word in its context and picks up on many errors that are missed by other spell checkers.

Inbuilt Dictionaries

Choose your local dictionary to get the right spellings

5 language dictionaries and 7 academic dictionaries are built in, including French, German, Spanish and both British and US options. The academic dictionaries give you subject specific terminology including maths, engineering, sociology and the sciences.

Easy Note Taking

Quickly and easily take notes in Inku

All the notes taken with Inku can be synced with dropbox or saved into Apple notes. They can also easily be shared via email or your favourite social networks.