Helping analyse the clinical research workforce

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Integrated Workforce Framework (IWF)

Who’s it for?

The IWF supports informed and productive conversations about this workforce using a common language. The IWF is designed as a resource for employers and others to use as part of their approach to supporting their research workforce.

What does it do?

The IWF can:

  • be used to describe any research role as part of the job that person is employed to do
  • be accessed for use by anyone without any formal training.
  • be integrated with locally used competence frameworks, i.e. uni-professional or organisational interface with local/national initiatives in the context of the employing organisation inform conversations about skill-mix across teams and services work alongside a scope of practice

About The Client

The NIHR Clinical

Research Network (CRN) provides the infrastructure that allows high-quality clinical research to be undertaken throughout the NHS. The CRN meets the costs of front-line NHS staff who support research. The Network also provides specialist training and support and has a continuing commitment to promoting career pathways and enable learning and workforce development. The research workforce continues to develop and emerge as a feature of the rapid growth and adaptation needed to respond to scientific and technological advance.

Project Objective

Create a digital tool to support the IWF. Motivation to improve visibility of the growing clinical research delivery workforce for recognition and development was a major driver in development of the IWF. The IWF provides a mechanism by which all roles involved in delivery of research in healthcare can be described harmoniously. As a collective, this is more visible as an essential workforce.

Project Outcome

The IWF resource is intended to complement existing approaches to Personal Development Plans, Team Development, Recruitment & Workforce Planning. The IWF can be used stand alone or alongside competency frameworks and processes established in an organisation.

Fully Accessible

Easy to use profiles, let clinicians quickly understand and share their current work load across clinical and research activities

Supporting Multiple File Types

Support for all ePUB and PDF files

A visual library of profiles to allow for review and comparison between clinical researchers in different roles across the NHS and academia.