Improving Articulation and Reading

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Kids Sound Lab Pro

Who’s it for?

Designed for fun loving children who could benefit from improving their speech.

What do they do?

Kids Sound Lab Pro is a 24 level game dedicated to improving articulation and reading. Each phonic sound has its own level. Kids Sound Lab Pro was developed for Raddlist.


About The Client

Kids Sound Lab Pro was developed for Raddlist

Raddlist, based in Iceland, is an award winning provider of speech therapy and speech therapy resources, with resources available in both English and Icelandic. It was founded by Bryndis Gudmundsdottir who has won multiple awards for her work on articulation, resonance and neurological impairments.

Project Objective

A game to promote correct articulation and reading

Raddlist asked us to develop a game to promote correct articulation and reading in young students. They wanted the progression of the game to match typical language development in children, meaning that the early levels would focus on the sounds that children tend to learn first while the harder sounds are in later levels.

Project Outcome

24 level game dedicated to improving phonics

We built the game with 24 levels, each dedicated to its own phonics sound. The levels can be replayed and new scores achieved. Kids Sound Lab was nominated for a BETT award for best education app.

Speech Practice

Improving speech sounds in a natural order

Students practice the English consonant speech sounds in the same order that English speaking children acquire them while learning to speak. This helps them improve their language by starting with the sounds that they are most familiar with and progressing to those that they tend to find most difficult. Research has shown this methodology leads to children learning phonics faster, which assists in their reading and vocabulary skills

Record and Playback

Listen to your own voice

A record and playback option is featured on all game pages, so that children can listen back to themselves and hear their own articulation.

Reporting Tool

Track and share progress

A reporting tool shows all results and a PDF report can be printed or shared via email, dropbox or airdrop. Students can also create their own profiles so that the report becomes personalised.