Accessible Infrared Controller

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Who’s it for?

Designed for Children with disabilities of all ages.

What does it do?

MIRemote uses infrared technology to control TVs and various other devices around the home. It’s an accessible version of a universal remote, designed for children. It was the winner of the 2016 Global Elevate Awards in the Media & Entertainment section.

About The Client

Children with Disabilities Team (CWDT) in Falkirk council

The CWDT offer support, services and equipment to local children with physical, learning or complex disabilities. They also offer additional support to their families.

Project Objective

An accessible home automation app

The idea was to develop an accessible, easily navigable home automation app to give greater independence to children with disabilities. We were asked to develop an app which children with disabilities could use to control their TVs and other devices. The app needed to have infrared connectivity to achieve this.

Project Outcome

More than just a useful tool

The app is incredibly intuitive and thoroughly tested but we have also made more than just a useful tool. MIRemote has been designed to be fun and engaging for its young audience. It contains a storybook feature that creates interactive stories out of the functions. This makes the app much more playful than a regular universal remote.

Accessibility Options

Settings include multiple accessibility options

The app has been designed to be fully accessible and includes features such as: switch & touch anywhere access, auditory support and touch accommodations. Users may also create audio buttons, so that non-verbal users can communicate messages without having to leave the app.

Storybook Feature

6 fun stories plus the option to add your own

Children love toys and games so we decided to add a playful storybook feature into the app. These interactive stories contain an image, an audio recording, a text caption and an infrared action – which is used to control an infrared remote control toy.

Adjustable Layout

Choose the grid size

Users can choose between two grid sizes; a 4 cell layout, for users who wanted a clearer, less overwhelming view and a 9 cell layout, for users who wanted maximum functionality available to them at any moment.