Improving Speech is Fun

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My Phonics Kit

Who’s it for?

Designed for children of any age who are keen to improve their reading and spelling.

What do they do?

My Phonics Kit App contains 5 quick & fun word games to help young children develop early reading skills in advance of the UK government's national phonics screening check for 6-year-olds.


Sentence Clouds Game

A fun game to help children learn phonics by decoding full sentences

The cloud captions game asks children to match a fun sentence with its illustration. Each sentence contains multiple examples of a phonetics sound. This is a fun and tactile way to learn to decode full sentences.

Sentence Builder Game

Construct sentences and practice reading them

Fun sentences are split into their component words and jumbled up. Drag and drop the words into the correct order to form a sentence which matches the illustration. A fun and tactile way to practise reading and sentence construction.

Picture Search Game

Match the words to their images

Images are shown on screen, and a collection of words is provided along the right-hand side. Drag and drop the words to match the pictures. Learning is reinforced through repetition of words and images.

Sound Hunt Game

Find the matching sounds

3 fun sentences are shown on screen and a phonics audio prompt is played. The task is to find every example of that sound from the words in the fun sentences. A counter on screen lets you know how close you are to finding them all. A tricky game which encourages close inspection of all words in a sentence.