We make apps for you

Our track record

We have worked with researchers and academics from the UK’s most prestigious universities; 3 different UN agencies; government organisations and leading publishing houses to create impactful digital tools and products.

How we work

Our team of project managers, UX designers, mobile and web developers work closely with our clients to deliver their projects. Our repeat customers are a testament to our focus on quality and value adding.



A UX designer and product manager will work with each client or partner to understand the goals of the project and the overall concept. Where relevant, our clinical team will be involved for projects within the healthcare field. We aim to gather as much information as possible up front to help shape a successful project and product.

User research


We approach user research with a background in accessibility and inclusive design. The team has considerable experience with co-design and helping to undertake user research.

Product design


Following the user research phase and after agreeing on the full requirement, our design team will craft wireframes and user interface designs so that you can walk through the app before it's built, allowing you to make decisions about your product and the design.



We have a full stack development team and will help you develop your solution on the technology best for your product. Working across mobile and web technologies, the team is skilled in building modular, scalable solutions.

Measure & Grow


Launching the product to the AppStore or helping a tool go live is just the beginning. We work with our collaborators to help them measure their tool’s success and plan growth. Several of our projects with clients have gone on to win awards.