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Phonics Spelling Dictionary
phonics spelling dictionary

The Phonics Spelling Dictionary app orders words by sound to help children using synthetic phonics to become proficient readers and spellers. With words organised by sound and broken up into coloured sections, the app features fun illustrations and interactive audio feedback throughout to help the user engage as they learn. They can also save words to practise later in their very own My Words section, collect stickers, and test their skills using the spelling test feature.

Search by sound

Search by sound

Rather than ordering words by their starting letter, phonics spelling dictionary collects words into groups according to their starting sound. Sounds are ordered according to when a child learns to say them. Each sound page gives more information on phonics, and shows you all the different ways a sound could be spelled.

Spelling test

Listen to the audio prompt, look at the picture, then have a go at spelling it yourself. There are 3 levels -- easy, medium and hard. If your child is not a confident typist yet, flip on handwriting mode, which recognises handwritten messages on the screen. Win stickers and certificates for participation.

Spell the words
Add new words

Add new words

Words that aren’t available in phonics dictionary, can be added in the “My words” section, you can record an example of how the word should be said, so that tapping on the word plays an audio prompt.

Use speech search

Tap on the magnifying glass to quickly find the word you’re looking for. If you’re not sure how to spell the word, use speech search. Tap on the microphone, then say the word you’re looking for. The app contains a special, child friendly speech recognition tool.

Speach search
Phonics spelling dictionary Search through the dictionary by phoneme, using colourful tabs.
Phonics spelling dictionary A review screen at the end of each spelling test shows you the correct spelling, and gives you a score.
Phonics spelling dictionary Collect 5 stickers to win a certificate, and collect all the stickers to win a giant bonus sticker.

Phonics Dictionary Video

Want to see the app in action? Watch this video for a better idea of how our software can be used.

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