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Picture Judgement

Who’s it for?

Picture Judgement (PJs) task is for speech and language therapists working with children.

What does it do?

PJs is designed to test children's semantic knowledge, as assessed by the accuracy and speed with which they make choices between related pictures.

About The Client

Professor Wendy Best from UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences.

Project Objective

Move the existing prototype of PJs to be ready for use on a mobile app, to gather feedback from clinicians, ahead of a larger evaluation

Project Outcome

Built in React Native, PJs is ready on mobile devices for user acceptance testing and the team at UCL are currently gathering feedback.

Feature 1

PJs assesses a child's semantic judgement skills by determining the speed and accuracy with which they make decisions about the relatedness of pictures.

Feature 2

Speech and language therapists can review reports for the child and understand their performance on a normative curve.