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Multi award winning text based AAC. Designed to give a voice to someone who is unable to use their own.

word prediction

Word Prediction to help you type faster

Predictable's self-learning word prediction helps you to quickly and acurately construct sentences. Predictions are shown in a bubble which moves along with the text as you write, a static strip above the keyboard, or both! The word prediction learns from your speech history and becomes personalised to start predicting the things that you say.

Autocomplete lets you easily add words with fewer keystrokes, autocorrect fixes typos, and spell check highlights words it doesn't recognise.

Add custom pronunciation to names and unusually pronouced words, or use custom words to create easy shortcuts for long words or phrases.

New design

Predictable 5 has a completely fresh design and its appearance is more customisable than ever. Find a colour theme that suits your needs. Fonts can be emboldened and text size can be increased to make it easier to read. We've included specialist fonts for people with dyslexia or visual impairment.

Customisable appearance
Model Talker logo

Keep a part of your voice

Predictable is available using ModelTalker System, developed by Nemours Speech Research Laboratory. With ModelTalker, you can make a synthetic voice that sounds like you, with just a laptop and a USB microphone.

Or you might prefer to bank a few key phrases. Record yourself speaking the things you say a lot or the things that are really important to you, and save them in your phrase bank.

Store your favourite phrases

Make sure the things you say most are within easy reach. The app makes it easy to group phrases into categories. Full sentences, paragraphs or longer can be stored and accessed in just a few taps, and if you've banked any messages then the audio files can be saved as a phrase.

The new layout in Predictable 5 enables you to set up phrases to be displayed in either a list or a grid format, depending on your personal preference; and we've added a phrase search button, which gives you extra quick access to your saved phrases and your recent speech history.

Predictable phrases page inside the Chat category

Avoid being interrupted

The floor hold feature automatically speaks prepared sentences while you type your message, or it can be triggered at the push of a button. This lets the person you're speaking with know that you're typing and would prefer that they held off from speaking for a moment.

The app cycles through your list of prepared floor hold messages to ensure that there's some variety what's being played out as you prepare what you want to say. You can save as many floor hold messages as you like; or you could use your own recorded audio instead.

Take advantage of the cloud to secure your content

All users can create a free login profile. The settings changes and new phrases saved on Predictable are automatically and securely sent to the cloud. Users easily access their personal settings, content and features, no matter which of their personal devices they are using, by signing in. You will never need to backup again.

Automatic Sync to the Cloud
5 Different Keyboards

Find a keyboard to suit you

5 different keyboards are available, including 10 Key board with a larger target area, and apple keyboard. If you select apple keyboard, you'll have access to other language keyboards and you'll also be able to use third party keyboards downloaded from the app store. If you like a swipe keyboard, this is the setting for you.

Accessibility options to suit many users

The app has its own switch access, and is compatible with iOS switch control. You can use the entire screen as a switch with touch anywhere access.

Automatic and step scanning

3rd party keyboards

Message Banking Also using apple keyboard integration, bring in any external keyboard option from the app store, such as swipe keyboard’s or phonics keyboard to make typing even easier.

Apple Keyboard

ModelTalker Use any of our keyboards including the option to use the in built apple keyboard to provide a familiar typing experience.

Customisable news feed options

Emotes Pick from our list of News feeds to be displayed on your home page when you want to catch up on the headlines.

Customisable use options

Emotes Pick your favourite sharing and use options to display on the home page.

External keyboard shortcuts

Emotes Using an bluetooth keyboard with Predictable? pick some quick shortcuts to use to make Predictable quicker and faster to use.

Image display options

Emotes Customise how your categories and phrases display to make your Predictable more personal.

In App Messaging

Emotes Allow instant communication from the developer, get info on new features, better way to use the app.

Customisable keyboard feature keys

Emotes Pick from the large list of options to bring your favourite options within quick access at all times on the keyboard.

Predictable Videos

Want to see the app in action? Watch these videos for a better idea of how our software can be used.

User stories

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