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Communication app for people with MND, ALSe

New Predictable® 5

Faster. Smarter. Easier. Multi award winning text based AAC. Designed to give a voice to someone who is unable to use their own.

New Features

  • Model Talker
  • Voices
  • Word Prediction
  • Switch Access
Floor Hold
  • 4 settings
  • Customisable Phrases
  • Time Selection

Floor hold is a feature that automatically speaks sentences whilst you type your message. This feature brings a solution to AAC users who need time to build their responses and want their listener to wait. Choose between Automatic or Manual or Both.

  • Automatic Sync to the Cloud
  • Import existing back ups
  • Offline Mode

All users receive a free login profile. The settings changes and new phrases saved on Predictable® are automatically and securely sent to the cloud. The data is encrypted and can be transferred onto another device, giving users easy access to their personal settings and features, no matter which of their personal devices they are using.

New Keyboards
  • High Frequency
  • 10 Key
  • Apple keyboard

5 different keyboards are available, including 10 Key for assistance with scanning and apple keyboard (keyboard extensions can also be used with Predictable® by choosing this option).

  • Refined layout
  • New colour scheme
  • Modern scheme

With more customisable appearance settings, a newly designed layout and a fresh User Interface, Predictable® 5 looks and feels both modern and practical.

New Word Prediction
  • Two Word
  • New Bubble
  • Intelligent prediction

Predictable®´s self-learning word prediction helps you to quickly and accurately construct sentences. Display predictions in an onscreen bubble, a static strip above the keyboard, or both! Also choose from one or two-word prediction for faster sentence building.

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