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Reading Passport

Who’s it for?

Reading Passport is designed for book lovers in the South West of England.

What does it do?

The app is a gamified way of tracking the books you’ve read. It also helps you discover new books and events in your local libraries. There is a forum for discussing your latest read with the community. Reading Passport was developed for six libraries in the South West of England and four partnering organisations: Literature Works, The Reader and SWRLS. It was funded by the National Lottery and Arts Council England.


About The Clients

Six library services across South West England

The project involved six library services in South West England in partnership with Literature Works (the literature development agency for the region), The Reader (a charity running shared reading groups) and SWRLS (the South Western Regional Library Service).

Project Objective

The innovative Region of Readers project is about reading for pleasure and wellbeing

The aim of the project was to support reader development through curated literature resources and engaging communities in shared reading activities, creating cultural content, and cultural events.

Personal Reading Journey

Discover the region by reading new books

Embark on your reading journey across the South West region, each time you read a new book it unlocks a new part of the map and takes you further on your journey. It a gamified way to track and encourage reading.

Collect Stamps

Read books and attend events to earn stamps

Collect stamps for all the books you’ve read, it’s a fun and rewarding way to keep track of everything you’ve read.

Events Calender

Learn about local events

Find out about all the latest events in your local libraries and further afield. The app includes a full calendar of everything that’s going on across libraries in the South West region.

Discover Books

Discover great new books with the app

You can search for books by title or by author. The book collection is curated by local libraries. There are also some useful links to sites that will help you discover your next favourite book.

Reading Community

Discuss your latest reads with others

The app includes an active forum for reading lovers to discuss their favourite books and their latest reads. It’s a great way to get new book recommendations and hear the thoughts of others. Conversation in the forum are moderated to ensure they are suitable for all ages.