Improving Phonics Skills

Rhyming bus logo

Rhyming bus

Who’s it for?

Designed for little learners working on phonics skills.

What does it do?

Dubdub, the cute and friendly yellow dinosaur guides children through this fun and engaging game to educate them about rhyming. All of Dubdub’s friends are carrying words with them, move the friends with rhyming words onto the bus.

Self Correction

Encouraging independent learning

A time delay is provided at the end of each level. This gives your child time to spot errors and self-correct.

Varying Difficulty Levels

Choose the level that’s right for your child

3 levels of difficulty to help your child work their way from simple rhyming to more complex comparisons

Symbol Options

Rhyming Bus can be played without reading

You can choose to display the word, the widgit symbol or both, depending on your child's current reading ability. This helps children with limited reading skills enjoy the game and learn about rhyming.

Track Your Progress

Fun achievements to motivate your child

Amazing 3D animations appear at the end of each game to help motivate and reward your little one. It also gives your child feedback on how many they’ve got correct and their percentage accuracy.