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Scene & Heard

Scene & Heard is a scene based AAC app

Create visual scenes at home or school to support users with their communication in many different environments. Add hotspots, videos, symbols and much more in order to create and customise your communication tools.

SNH Hotspot

Power of hotspots

Scene & Heard is a visual scene display app. Take a photo and place hotspots over parts of the image. Each hotspot can be programmed to play audio and video media when it’s tapped on. A library of widgit symbols lets you build additional vocabulary into the page, and hotspots can link to new pages to save time and effort. Therapists have used the app for simple, intuitive message communication; communication passports; creation of therapy tools and games; social storytelling and more.

Communication book

Turn your pages into a communication book! It’s easy to flip quickly between pages, and the hotspots and symbols on the page will play their pre-programmed audio. The communication book can be printed for use in places where an app may not be appropriate, or shared as a PDF via mail or social media.

Automatic Sync to the Cloud

Task promoter

A task prompter page lets you break a task down into a series of smaller actions. Create a series of steps, adding audio or video instructions for each. Inside the app, steps can be played one by one, with each next step playing only after the user confirms that they have completed the previous step.

Visual timetable

Set up a schedule using the colour coded timetable. Set actions throughout the week using your scene images or widgit symbols as a visual prompt. When you use a scene image, the app will set up a notification on your device so you’ll get a reminder of an event, even if you don’t have the app open at the time

Automatic and step scanning


The app has been translated into German, Danish and Swedish. Change the language in settings and all default page content will be translated, as will all in-app messaging. Simple to switch back to another language. A separate Icelandic version is also available on the appstore.

Scene & Heard Video

Want to see the app in action? Watch this video for a better idea of how our software can be used.

Document to download

User guides and other useful information for using this app. If you need any other information, check out our support page.