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Scene & Heard® is a scene based AAC app

Scene & Heard® 3.0

Create visual scenes at home or school to support users with their communication in many different environments. Add hotspots, videos, symbols and much more in order to create and customise your communication tools.

Create and link scenes

At the shops, on the beach or in a classroom, take photos wherever you are using your iPad or iPhone camera. Then add hotspots, symbols and more in order to aid the user with communicating in such an enviroment.

Communication book

Make your own low-tech, printable communication book by choosing from the scenes and tasks that you have created in Scene & Heard® . Create different books for different activities, environments, or users.


Use the task prompting feature to help users become more independent when completing various tasks. Simply create each step using text, photos, videos and other multimedia options and the task will unfold either on a timed basis or through manual selection from the user.

Visual timetable

Create an easy to use visual timetable linking to scenes and tasks that you have created in the app. Mark timeslots with either an image or a Widgit Symbol and set reminders to help the user stay on track with actions.


Read our Scene & Heard® FAQ for more information about the app. Can't find your answer? Click on 'Get in Touch'.

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