Communicating With Visual Scenes

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Scene and Heard

Who’s it for?

Scene and Heard is designed for people with limited language skills and is particularly helpful for children with autism.

What does it do?

Click on the images in the scene to hear a description of what is happening. Scene and Heard uses visual scenes to help improve context-based communication.


User Guides

Scene And Heard English

Add Your Own Photos

Add hotspots to your own images

Take photos and place hotspots over parts of the image that you want to focus on. Each hotspot can be programmed to play audio or video media when you tap on it. A library of symbols also lets you build additional vocabulary into the page.

Create a Visual Timetable

Plan your day using a colour coded visual timetable

Set up a schedule using the colour coded timetable. Set actions throughout the week using your images or symbols as visual prompts. The app will set up a notification on your device so you’ll get a reminder of the event.


Set personalised prompts for each step in a task

The task prompter pages let you break tasks down into a series of smaller actions and add audio or video instructions for each action. These create a series of steps that explain how to complete everyday tasks like brushing your teeth. The steps can be played one by one as the task is performed.

Communication Book

Create your own printable communication book

Turn your pages into a communication book! It’s easy to turn your images, symbols and hotspots into a communication book that can be shared as a PDF or printed. This is great for times when you don’t have your tablet or phone with you.

Available in 5 Languages

Choose your own language

The app has been translated into German, Danish and Swedish. Change the language in settings and all the content will instantly be translated. A separate Icelandic version is also available on the App Store.

Scene and Heard Bundles


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