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Who’s it for?

The app (called Íslenski málhljóðamælirinn) is designed to be used by parents and speech professionals in Iceland.

What does it do?

Therapists can use the speech screening tool to evaluate students for different types of speech errors. It is the first speech screening app in Icelandic. Developed for Raddlist, an Icelandic speech therapy provider.


About The Client

Award winning speech therapy provider

Raddlist, based in Iceland, is an award winning provider of speech therapy and related resources, which are available in both English and Icelandic. It was founded by Bryndis Gudmundsdottir, a multi-award winning entrepreneur.

Project Objective

Bringing speech therapy tools to Iceland

Before this project, there were no speech therapy screening tools available in Iceland. These are used to judge a child’s speech development and are incredibly important tools. Raddlist asked us to develop a screening tool in Icelandic to allow therapists in Iceland to have the same access to an easy screening tool as professionals from other countries.

Project Outcome

Screening app with automatic analysis

Therapy Box designed and developed an easy to use screening app with automatic analysis and many original features. The app is proving to be a great success.

Conduct Tests

Conduct thorough screening tests

Therapists can use the app to conduct screening tests and mark the student for 9 different error types; they can also record the session to listen back later, and they can make notes as they conduct the test. At the end of the test, a more detailed prompt image is shown, and the examiner can encourage contextualised speech, and judge its articulacy.


The app automatically generates reports at the end of the test

After each test, the app automatically generates a report, and the user may export it as pdf or html file along with the audio recordings.

Multiple Users

Multiple users can use the same device

The programme allows for multiple user access from one device, so that professionals can share their iPad without mixing their caseload of clients. Client details can be set up and are stored locally, so that they can be retested at a later date.