Fun Phonics Apps Featuring Biff, Chip and Kipper

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Who’s it for?

Designed for children of any age who are keen to improve their reading and spelling.

What does it do?

Skoodal is a collection of 8 learning apps created with the popular Biff, Chip and Kipper content from Oxford University Press. The range is based on the popular Phonics Flashcards sets, and My Phonics Kit, which is tailored to enhance the skills required for the national year 1 phonics check in the UK.


Phonics Spelling Dictionary

Improve reading and spelling skills through phonics

This app orders words by sounds to help children master phonics and thereby reading and spelling skills too. The words are organised by sound and broken up into coloured sections and the app features fun illustrations and interactive audio feedback throughout to help the user engage as they learn. They can also save words to practice later in the 'My Words' section. The app also allows them to take spelling tests in preparation for spelling tests at school and it rewards hard work with exciting stickers!

My Phonics Kit

Learn and practice using phonetic sounds through a host of entertaining games

5 quick and fun word games to help young children develop early reading skills in advance of the UK government's national phonics screening check for 6-year-olds. It’s a fun and tactile way to practise reading and sentence construction. The games include Cloud Cations, Sentence Builder, Picture Search, Sound Hunt and All Cards.

Fun With Words

Focus on recognising common words by sight

An enjoyable way for children to practice reading common words by playing games. It contains 49 high frequency words that children need to learn to recognise by sight. The 3 different games on the app are designed to help your child quickly recognise and read the words, building reading confidence, whilst having fun at the same time. As well as the games, the app has a free play mode where you can scroll through the entire card set to consolidate learning.

My Phonics Flashcards

Learn the different ways that sounds can be written

The app is a fun, unique, and engaging way for children to practice their letters and sounds, as they do in school. Playing My Phonics Flashcards will help children to learn that one sound can be represented in several ways, how to blend sounds to read words, and develop memory and concentration skills.

Alphabet Games

Practise with letters and sounds to improve speech and writing

An enjoyable way for children to practice recognising the letters and sounds of the alphabet, both aurally and in writing. The games are appropriate for children who know the letters of the alphabet and how they sound when spoken out loud (for example ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘k’, not ay, bee, cee etc). Before playing the games, you can check your child’s familiarity with the alphabet by scrolling through the “all cards” section.

Rhyming Games

Learn to start recognising rhyming words

This app contains 34 rhyming pairs of words - 68 words in total. Children can use it to practise recognising rhyming letter patterns both aurally and in writing. The words can be read by children who know the sounds of the letters of the alphabet as well as blended sounds. In addition to the simple three letter words like cat, there are a number of four-letter words which begin or end with two consonants, like tent and twin.

Say and Spell

Start recognising and spelling some simple words

Say & Spell helps children to practice recognising the initial sounds of words, and to start spelling simple words. There are three different games on the app: fishing, memory game and word builder. These will help your child to develop memory and concentration skills as well as helping them to recognise sounds and spelling.

Word Games

Fun games that put a focus on useful words

Word games encourages children to practice recognising and reading useful words through playing games. The aim of the app is to get children recognising and reading all the words quickly, without trying to decode them. The app also includes eight character names (Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip, Kipper, Wilma, Wilf, Floppy). The games help children build their confidence while they have fun.

Skoodal Bundles

Literacy Bundle

Get the full Skoodal range at a discounted price. This bundle is perfect for those who want to learn phonics, how to read and spell through many different fun games and scenarios.


Phonics Bundle

This bundle is phonics orientated. You save 28% when you buy this bundle and you get three Skoodal, phonics based apps.


Flashcard Bundle

Save 22% and get 6 of the best flashcard based Skoodal apps. Great for learning spelling, reading skills and phonics!