Improve Categorisation Skills

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Who’s it for?

Sort This Out is designed to help pre-school and early primary school students improve their categorisation skills. It can be used in the classroom and at home.

What do they do?

Sort This Out is a fun and educational game based on sorting items into 2 categories. The aim of the game is to load a train so it can leave the station. The playful animation and sounds are great for pre-school and early primary school children.


Fully Customisable

Categories, vocabulary and images are customisable for your child

Create your own categories and vocabulary items, using images of familiar items. Take photos yourself or browse the photo library to customise the game for your child.

Great For All Levels

Change the settings to suit your child's ability

For children who are struggling with the game, it can be put into a mode that only accepts correct answers. This helps prevent children from becoming discouraged and unmotivated. There are other settings which can ensure your child is being challenged yet supported.

Train Categorising Game

Put different categories of words into the train compartments

A fun and entertaining train focused game - perfect for all the train lovers out there! Categorise words into different train carriages and move between 4 different stations, with different themes, to complete the game.

Widgit Symbol Library

The wide range of widget symbols cover a range of vocabulary

Sort This Out uses the Widgit symbol library to help children work on a range of vocabulary concepts and tasks. The symbol can be displayed with or without the accompanying text to help people at all literacy levels.