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Who’s it for?

VocaTempo has been designed for people who have dysarthria, who may wish to use their voice to access augmentative communication.

What does it do?

Voca Tempo allows its users to use their distinct vocalisations to select the word or phrase they want to speak. The app can be trained with a set of vocalisations to trigger spoken messages.


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About The Client

VocaTempo was funded by SBRI Healthcare

SBRI provide financial and business support to businesses and organisations to generate innovative technological solutions to healthcare problems. VocaTempo was a collaborative project where Therapy Box was the lead technical partner. VocaTempo has recently completed its second phase of development and is now available for download.

Project Objective

Voice activated communication device

The objective was to use new advances in speech recognition to create a voice based augmentative and alternative communication app for dysarthric speakers. The project is a collaboration the University of Sheffield, Barnsley hospital and SBRI healthcare

Project Outcome

Successful completion of the project and the app is now on the market

VocaTempo successfully passed the testing phase of development and is available for download. The app allows dysarthric users to use their distinct vocalisations to select the word or phrase they want to speak. Trials with young people with moderate to severe dysarthria have yielded very positive results. One participant said, “That is faster than I’d ever imagined… it’s so amazing, because I’m speaking."

Self Learning

VocaTempo learns to recognise your vocalisations

Through careful programming of the app you will be able to make vocalisations which the app will associate with a certain sentence or word. A simple vocalisation can thereby be used to 'speak' a whole sentence.

First of its kind

First AAC app to use speech input

The app opens up new ways for people with dysarthria to communicate without having to type. Rather than relying on a slow, focus pulling input method such as keyboard typing or switch access, a user can control the app with voice commands.

Shortlisted for Project Team of the Year

A collaboration

The team, which including a university, 3 NHS sites and Therapy Box, has been shortlisted in the 2019 Digital Technology Leaders Award.